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2018 USSSA Ohio State Championship

Lets go! The road to the championship!

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Usssa Ohio State Director - Ken Wilson

Baseball is my life! I've coached for many years, run tournaments, played in USSSA events, and manage my own baseball club. All of my combined experiences will help me be a good leader for USSSA Baseball in the state of Ohio.

The main goal for myself, the League Directors, and the Tournament Directors is to put USSSA Ohio Baseball back on top. We want to bring back the fun in the game. We will make sure all teams that play in a USSSA league or tournament will have the best possible experience. We have high expectations, so LETS GO!  I can't wait to meet each and everyone of you!!!

Best Regards,

Ken Wilson

State Of Ohio Mission

We want every team, every player, and every parent to have a great experience at all USSSA events. Have fun, compete, and show sportsmanship. We all love the game of baseball and hope to keep it that way. If we keep this in mind then everyone comes out a winner!