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Main Events Schedules

USSSA Select30 - Schedule will be posted on Saturday May 27 before 9:00p.m.

USSSA Ohio State Championship 9u-14u- Schedule will be posted on June 2nd before 9:00p.m.

USSSA Ohio State Championship 15-18u  Schedule will be posted on June 5 before 9:00p.m.

ALL information will be emailed to teams that night of the scheduling posting, in that coaches package you will receive all information you will need to know for the weekend.                                           

USSSA Sanction, We are the best! Play Ohio USSSA



      ALL TEAMS, every classifications, your deadline to sign up for States and be sanction is May 21. If you plan on playing in States this will be the date that you must be paid in full and be USSSA sanction and have roster uploaded for this event.

State Qualifiers: Play in at least one. Must be paid and be assigned to play in a USSSA State Qualifier.

Calendar year for 2017 State Qualifier ends on July 30 2017.

League sanction counts as a qualifier, if you belong to a USSSA sanction League, but still need to play in one State Qualifier, if you do not belong to a League Sanction, you will need to play in two State Qualifiers.


Demarini Bat Annoucement update May 17


DeMarini Bat Announcement
April 6, 2017
Updated May 17, 2017
DeMarini has concluded its BPF audit for USSSA and below are the bats that have been withdrawn from USSSA play as a result of that audit. The DeMarini policy on returns of such withdrawn bats is found at:


Withdrawn Zen bats retooled by DeMarini to meet the USSSA performance standard are allowed in USSSA sanctioned play. Such retooled Zen bats will continue to have the USSSA mark on their taper, will have caps that are substantially orange and will have a new model number including an orange R. After a thorough audit, DeMarini is permanently withdrawing the bats shown on this link from USSSA play:



Play Ball News Updates


We want every player to experience playing in a USSSA Ohio State Championship, we want everyone to understand that if you are signed up to play in a  2017 USSSA League, it is considered as a State Qualifier, for future reference you must play in two State Qualifiers to Qualify for playing in a 2018 State Championship, for this year if you have one State Qualifier and are paid in full for States, you are considering eligible to play for States, please remember playing in a State Qualifying Tournament, helps you receive points and seeding for the State Championship.

    USSSA Ohio State Championship 9u-14u

    June 9-11

    Compete to be the best!

    Get Sanction

    Play USSSA

    USSSA Ohio State Championship 15U-18U

    June 15-18 / 4GG

    Games at College Fields and Top H.S.

    USSSA Insurance

    Team Insurance you can't beat.

    USSSA Select 30 Super NIT

    June 2-4 / 9u-14u

    Only BID In Ohio For Elite World Series

    Tournaments around the State

    USSSA State Qualifiers

    Tourneys added weekly for 2017

    Global W.S.Qualifiers

    Usssa Ohio State Director - Ken Wilson

    Baseball is my life! I've coached for many years, run tournaments, played in USSSA events, and manage my own baseball club. All of my combined experiences will help me be a good leader for USSSA Baseball in the state of Ohio.

    The main goal for myself, the League Directors, and the Tournament Directors is to put USSSA Ohio Baseball back on top. We want to bring back the fun in the game. We will make sure all teams that play in a USSSA league or tournament will have the best possible experience. We have high expectations so LETS GO!  I can't wait to meet each and everyone of you!!!

    Best Regards,

    Ken Wilson

    Lets Go!

    Play USSSA Baseball in 2017! So much to offer with outstanding State Qualifier tournaments, Global World Series, Dual Super NIT, the Ohio State Championships, All American tryouts, and so many great existing sanctioned leagues in addition to the new ones being formed. Look for many more USSSA tournaments coming in 2017. We are happy to give you more info on how to become a sanctioned member, just check out our contact Lineup card to either shoot us an email or give us a call so we can get you going in the right direction. Lets Go!

    Great Lakes All American Tryouts

    On June 2 at Expressway Park in Cincinnati, you will have the chance to make the Great Lakes Region "All American Team, Click the pic to register today.

    State Of Ohio Mission

    We want every team, every player, and every parent to have a great experience at all USSSA events. Have fun, compete, and show sportsmanship. We all love the game of baseball and hope to keep it that way. If we keep this in mind then everyone comes out a winner!

    Global World Series Qualifiers